Mauju Invoice Pricing Billing invoices are proof of collecting payments from buyers. This is a necessary document in a transaction. Usually, the contents of this document are details of transactions that take place between customers and sellers. This article will discuss billing invoices in more depth. Read more!

Invoice bill

In transactions, especially business transactions, it is necessary to attach several certain documents. This document is necessary because it is proof as well as a means of collecting payment for the transaction. What document is that?

The following document is none other than a billing invoice. This is one of the invoice models used in transactions as a tool to collect payments from buyers. What is an example and how to make it? Check out the discussion here.

What is a Billing Invoice?

A billing invoice has a similar meaning to an invoice in general, namely a necessary document used as a billing tool that is sent from the seller to the buyer.

If sent or given in manual form, the invoice consists of three copies: one sheet for the buyer, one sheet for the seller as an archive, and the last sheet is used for financial reports.

However, now many invoices are sent in digital form or e-invoices so that customers do not have to receive them in paper form. This adds exaggeration in the form of:

  • More environmentally friendly.
  • Easier to store.
  • Easier to find.
  • Safer and with minimal risk of damage.

Billing Invoice Function

Based on its definition, a billing invoice has the function of collecting payments from customers for transactions that occur.

Not only that, invoices also have the function of detailing transactions, accounting control, and as an internal check for the company.

Invoice Format

The billing invoice format is not much different from the invoice format in general. The billing invoice must contain the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Order number
  • Order detail number
  • Day and date
  • Identity of seller and buyer
  • Goods and/or services
  • Price
  • Transaction subtotal
  • Discount (if any)
  • Shipping costs (if any)
  • Purchase tax (VAT or PPh)
  • Total transactions

That way, both customers and sellers can directly identify transactions based on the information included in the invoice, and make it easier for customers to make payments.

So, how do you generate a billing invoice? Business people can make it manually using Ms. Word or Ms. Excel. In this way, entrepreneurs can get a simple invoice format with details according to their needs.

However, currently, there are invoicing applications available that make it easier for entrepreneurs to generate invoices in digital form. Not only does it make the manufacturing system easier, the invoicing application is also able to automate transaction and tax calculations, send documents directly to transaction partners, and make it easier to reconcile financial data.

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